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Earth Restorer's Guide to Permaculture

North American Book Launch

with Rosemary Morrow


Featured Guest : David Holmgren 

MC : Delvin Solkinson 


November 17th 

5:30 pm PST (West Coast)

8:30 pm EST (East Coast)


November 18th 

1:30 am BST (UK) 

12:30 pm EAT (Eastern Australia) 


Celebrate the release of Rosemary Morrow's brand new book Earth Restorer's Guide to Permaculture.


This is a wonderful opportunity to hear from Rosemary, as she shares insights from her 40 years of teaching permaculture around the world. David Holmgren will be a special guest at this event. 


Interviewed by Delvin Solkinson, Rosemary will share why she wrote this book and how it can be used to broaden and strengthen the applications of permaculture as a restorative practice.


Join us for this free event via Zoom for an interactive discussion on the global contexts, case studies and evidence that support a restorative and hopeful relationship with all life.


This event will be recorded and a link to view the recording will be sent to all those who register. 


Please RSVP to to receive the Zoom details. 


About the book: 


Earth Restorer's Guide to Permaculture is an informative and inspiring guide that shares the methods and mindsets needed for our future planetary health. It teachers us:

● The roles of permaculture principles, ethics and design philosophy 

● Ecological literacy for the current and future states of water, soil and climate

● Global insights in how to design for the (present and future) impacts of climate change

● The role of urban settings, and the path to eco-cities and neighbourhoods 

● The increasing importance of marine permaculture and social permaculture 

● How to move from ‘me’ to ‘we’ as we collectively restore and regenerate our Earth   


The book shows us that by working in our local patch we can help restore our global ecosystems. It is especially useful for planners and community designers and is a valuable primary text for teachers of Permaculture Design Courses.


Those who register will get a code to receive 10% off purchase of the book in North America. 


“This is a vital book for our times of climate catastrophe, biodiversity loss, species extinction, and food and water scarcity…it shines the light on another path.”

- Dr Vandana Shiva, Indian scholar, author and environmental activist.


Event presented by a Permaculture Alliance including 

The Permaculture Institute

Permaculture Institute North America

Earth Activist Training

Verge Permaculture 

Kootenay Permaculture Institute

OUR Ecovillage

Transition Saltspring

Permaculture BC


Blue Mountains Permaculture Institute

Melliodora Publishing

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