Permaculture Design Course

“The more radical our change agenda is, the more simple our starting points need to be.”


- David Holmgren, co-originator of permaculture



Presented by Earth Wisdom Center 

Facilitated by Delvin & Grace Solkinson


Sunday, July 24, 2022

10 am - 5 pm 


Gather for a uniquely creative day of Permaculture Design with a group of like minded people.


Explore how to become a more effective, efficient and ethical designer and decision maker.


Together we will :

- learn about Permaculture Design

- connect with nature

- create designs and engage in interactive activities

- have an inspiring day learning and growing with nature


The class will take place at Earth Wisdom Centre, a community and regenerative learning centre whose vision is connecting people to the earth, each other, and future generations.


Earth Wisdom Centre is located 25 minutes NW of Edmonton, North of Stony Plain, near Calahoo.


For more information and questions please email:


Delvin Solkinson is a highly certified Permaculture Teacher from beautiful North Pender Island, in the Gulf Islands of British Columbia.


Over 15 years he designed, implemented and maintained the 'Heart Gardens', a community permaculture demonstration site in Roberts Creek BC. During this time he co-designed Eco-Tech, an employment skills training program for youth-at-risk including time applying and teaching permaculture on elementary school grounds across the Sunshine Coast.


The last 20 years included traveling the planet to learn from permaculture pioneers at permaculture eco villages, farms and homesteads. His training spans three Diplomas, a Masters and Doctorate in Permaculture Education including 13 teacher trainings and 13 advanced courses. Currently he is a field mentor with Diploma Program Co-Ordinator with Permaculture Institute (North America) and Diploma Tutor with Permaculture Association as he pursues a Post-Doc in Permaculture Education. Delvin is a happy community gardener and nature lover.


Grace Solkinson was born and raised on a small homestead farm in the wilds of western Washington, and now lives with her husband in beautiful British Columbia. She has traveled throughout the UK and North America on learning adventures, taking courses and interviewing a wide range of permaculture elders and herbalist maestras.


Beginning her study of herbalism in her teens, Grace ran a successful natural skincare business for many years. With her keen love of nature and appreciation for its many uses in everyday life, she has a focus on the concept of "Food as Medicine" and the practical uses of plants to enrich daily diet and health routines. She loves all animals and has a lifetime of experience of animal husbandry with a special focus on heritage livestock breeds.


Together, Delvin & Grace Solkinson facilitate intro days, design certificate courses and diploma programs. They make videos and write articles in collaboration with permaculture pioneers. Delvin & Grace co-create a permaculture design toolkit including a book, game and cards that are available as free downloads online. They developed Visionary Permaculture at CoSM Chapel of Sacred Mirrors where they have lived and worked extensively.