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Presented by The Earth Wisdom Center


Join in a learning community of people, plants and animals to understand nature deeper while becoming more effective designers of life, land and livelihood. 


Course Topics include:


* principles *design methods * patterns in nature * soils * water * trees * animals * design for cool , tropical and arid climates * plant medicine * food preservation * governance * resilience * economics * education * community development 

For More Information and to Register email me 


Delvin Solkinson lives on Pender Island and has spent much of the last 20 years travelling the planet to learn from permaculture pioneers over the course of three Diplomas, a Masters and Doctorate in Permaculture Education including 13 teacher trainings and 13 advanced courses. Delvin is a happy community gardener and nature lover. 

Grace has spent many years studying plant medicine and natural skincare while developing and selling a skincare line. Grace’s passion and focus is on practical everyday uses of plant medicine to enrich daily diet and health routines. She loves all animals and has a lifetime of experience of animal husbandry with a focus on heritage breeds.

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