SSI Design Day 2022 Square Clear.jpg


Presented by Transition Salt Spring and Paradise Within Farm

May 28, 2022

10 am - 5 pm 


"If we buy the first round of drinks, nature picks up the tab for dinner and a show." - Toby Hemenway


Gather for a uniquely creative day of permaculture design with a group of like minded people. 

Together we will :

learn about permaculture

explore gardens 

discover food and medicine plants 

do designs and interactive activities

and have an inspiring day learning and growing with nature.


The class will take place at Paradise Within Farm, a 53 acre site including 3.5 acres of fenced food production garden of which a sizable portion has the infrastructure and beginnings of our Permaculture Development. This all contributes to our community food box program, our Farm stand and our Farmers Market presence. This site also hosts a 26 acre forested woodland and is bordered by the ocean and just down the road from a large Nature Reserve.


For More Information and to Register email me or go direct to